Monday, December 15, 2008

Sedona - Summer '08

Sedona is by far our favorite place to stay and hike in Arizona. Our favorite hikes are Grasshopper Point, Devils Bridge (although this trip we didn't hike Devils Bridge) and West Fork. Not much to say except beautiful scenery. And if you are wondering if this is in chronological order, it's not. We took this trip right before Nicholas went on the Pioneer Trek. And before you say it. Yes we should add music to the video, just not that smart yet....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goodyear Stake Pioneer Trek 08'

Our Stake held a pioneer trek this summer for the youth 14 and up at the LDS Ranch in Heber, AZ. The Trek is a condensed version of the Handcart Trek the early Saints endured traveling to the Salt Lake Valley. The YM/YM where divided into family units with Ma's ,Pa's, big brothers & sisters. The youth spent two nights and three days on the 10 mile trail, with only one change of clothes and no soap, deodorant or toothbrush/toothpaste. They had to dress in clothes of that era, and required to wear a western style hat. Most of the items Nick took on the trek were purchased at Goodwill, including a nice black felt hat.

Nicholas waiting for the bus at 4am. It's hard to make out from this photo, but he is wearing a white undershirt.
On the Trek, they had an opportunity to pull hand carts, play pioneer /team building games, and scripture study. The first night out it rained so hard, there was approximately 2 inches of mud. Unable to pull the handcarts any further, the youth were transported back to the base camp... Julie and I believe Nicholas had a wonderful time and now has a greater appreciation for what the early pioneers experienced as they traveled to Salt Lake City.

Nicholas' pioneer "family" (courtesy of Sister F. thanks)

Scripture study...

Arriving in the "Salt Lake Valley". Nick's family was the first family to arrive at the end of the trek. It wasn't supposed to be a race, but evidently during the last rest stop, some of the boys, includig Nick, in Nick's family wedged rocks and sticks under the other family's handcart wheels, making it hard for those families to move their handcarts. then when it was time for the final leg, Nick' family moved to the front of the line...

Nick's trek "Big sister". Ok, remember the white undershirt? Notice the color of the shirt now... When we finally caught up with Nick, I notice that his undershirt was no longer white. So i asked Nick if they Tye-Dyed his shirt. He gave me a funny look, but would not answer me. Remember it rained hard the first evening, well it seems that black felt "runs" when it gets wet. His face was the same color as his shirt the first night due to the heavy rain. Thankfully one of the adult leaders gave him a rag to clean his face (Sister F. to the rescue!).

Nicholas' handcart

We headed to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ruppenthal in Texas after we picked up Nicholas. Not wanting to travel the rest of the day with a teenager who hadn't used deodorant or showered in three day, we stopped at the Community Pool in Show Low and made Nick shower and change his clothes (he was a stinky boy!). Later that day we had to stop and put all of Nicholas' trek clothes in a car top carrier. They remained on the roof until we arrived at Sunrise Beach.

Casts R US - Part 1

Alright. As some of you may have seen from our blog, Ethan had a cast on his left forearm, which ended his baseball and swim season. Here's the Scope. Megan was invited to a birthday ice skating party at the Ice Den in Scottsdale, by the way their staff have crappy first aid training. Nicholas and Ethan were included in the invitation. Well when it finally came time to skate, Ethan was presented with a critical choice - choose uncool men's figure skates, or really cool hockey skates, which for those of us that don't spend a lot of time on the ice, Hockey Skates blades are extremely sharp, especially in comparison to figure skates (just keep that tidbit in mind the next time you take your kids ice skating)... Anyway Ethan is out of control at best on the ice, at one point falls, which when he does, he puts his hand down to steady himself, and in doing so, cuts his palm just below the thumb. We found out later that the cut was deep enought to cause serious damage to two tendons.

3 hours in an ER in Scottsdale
2 weeks in a soft cast
numerous visits to a hand specialist
4 hours in out patient surgery to repair tendon damage after the soft cast comes off
4 additional weeks in a hard cast to recover from the surgery

All this for....

4 complimentary passes to the ice den (which the management at the Ice Den sent to us after the accident), next time we want to do something fun (priceless)

Ethan did have a great attitude during the whole ordeal, which included a trip to Mexico and numerous swimming outing at friends pools

And for all you anxious bloggers, we'll update you on his latest cast experience before the cast comes off...

Monday, December 8, 2008

May 08 - Nick's Eights Grade promotion

Ok, this posting is really out of order.

May started off strong. Nicholas was promoted with honors! He received an award for outstanding math student for the eighth grade. He also received his honor society "ropes". Not ever being invited to join National Junior Honor Society, dad is not sure what the colored ropes are actually called, but Nicholas was presented with his. Needless to say both mom and dad are grateful for Nicholas's hard work necessary to be presented with this honor.

This photo does not represent how happy Nick actually was.

I think he was more excited when he learned that he did not have to attend school the rest of the week.

Ethan was happy for his brother!!! I'll get to Ethan's cast next time...

Wow, is it December all ready........

It seems like only yesterday it was August and we had just updated our blog. Actually, i thought this would be Julie's main goal in life since she has really caught the "blog bug" since we started this blog page. I bet we now have literally hundreds of blogs saved in my favorites, so many in fact it has been necessary to add additional memory to the computer (LOL, or for us old timers - HAHA). I have been considering starting two new clubs; bloggers anonymous , and distraught husbands who have lost our wives to the bloggersphere. But i digress.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to "update" our blog, starting with summer vacation. We thought it would be cute to add a photo stating "our blog is under construction", but...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mata's '08

Stopped by Mata's to fullfill a Chili Rellenos craving, after Bonnie's funeral service.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Megan's Swim Relay Finals

Megan (white cap) and friends Sabrina and Jordan playing Uno before being called to swim. For some reason, Megan volunteered to swim the breast stroke in the Medley relay - breast stroke is her slowest stroke. Go figure

Ethan and friend Vince looking for health and beauty aids in the Avon catalog. They must have been really bored, but I thought I overheard Ethan say he thought the conditioner would make his hair even softer....